Presentation and Proposal docs for Kiwi Game Starter 2014 for Phantasmal

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Hey guys, I thought I’d share my Presentation and Proposal docs for the Kiwi Game Starter Award 2014 that our team won. I’ve been wanting to write up a detailed account of what I did, but just never found the time. I think I’ll bundle up that write up in my detailed post mortem for Phantasmal in future.

Anyway I thought I’d just show you guys that it’s not rocket science – it’s actually really simple. At the time that I had applied, I was a complete dev noob, I think I had been working on games for about a year or so at that point. A lot of you guys now would be way better than me as a dev back then!

So if a total noob like me could do it, any of you can easily. I think all of you should give it a try and apply for it this year.
The key really was just to outline the market viability of your game including the key unique selling points.

I’m going to have an informal chat about it at The Arcade on this Wednesday as well.


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